Monday, June 14, 2010

Creating a Plan

As a vet tech educator I see so many students arriving on my doorstep wanting nothing else other than to "work with animals". They have stars in their eyes and want desperately to be pointed to the nearest veterinary hospital NOW! If you have worked in the profession for any length of time you know how much more to it there is.

To cultivate a long and meaningful career in any facet of veterinary technology you have to dig in, hang on and push yourself beyond your preconceived ideas--not to mention your comfort zone! I have listened to so many who had the dream of this career but not the drive or the stamina. I believe that veterinary technology is big enough for whatever you dream but no one is going to plan your career for you. And the first step is to educate yourself on the career itself.

You see, as a veterinary technician YOU are the one who will determine what your path is. YOU are the one who needs to be aware enough to recognize what makes you happy (or unhappy) in your work. YOU are the one who needs to continue to honestly assess your own skill level and knowledge base. YOU are the one who needs to continue to learn about the different aspects of the profession and the laws that govern it. In teaching my students the skills necessary to safely administer anesthesia I always tell them they need to formulate their plan before they ever even touch the animal . What is your plan for your career?

First things first order to know where we are going we ought to have a pretty decent understanding of where we have been. Next time I will be writing about the history of veterinary technology. Stay tuned!